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Vahoca Pte Ltd


In everything we do we aim to be:

Convinced: Doing our own research from the bottom up we aim to be very knowledgeable about our ideas and express them with conviction. We do not believe in over-diversification and do not hide behind benchmarks.
Candid: When we share our investment views and make investment decision we are impartial, succinct and precise
Committed: We are invested the same way as our clients
Curious: We are flexible investors and are not afraid to be off the beaten track.
Most of all we are investors and NOT speculators. Like many of our entrepreneurial and institutional clients we have a medium to long term horizon and focus not to get distracted by the daily noise of the market.

We very much believe in “Think Global, Act Local” and hence prefer having likeminded local entrepreneurs as partners, who adhere to the same investment principles as we do. Co-investing with the best of breed in local opportunities provides us with a better opportunity set.

Key individuals
Herwig Van Hove


Wei Jian Tan


Marcus Tan

Senior Investment Analyst