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SuisseTechPartners – PMplus®


SuisseTechPartners (STP) is an innovative technology company from Switzerland specialized in solutions to Private Wealth and Family Offices. Commencing business with renowned customers in the demanding Swiss and wider European markets, STP has also now secured marquee clients in Asia and is actively pursuing additional mandates in the region.

Service / Solution / Project Description :
STP’s core solution is called PMplus®. This solution is a Portfolio Management system providing Private Wealth and other players in the financial industry a cloud-based, totally secure solution to manage the full range of asset portfolios, while maintaining compliance to international regulatory requirements. PMplus® provides accurate, real-time reporting across multiple data sources, including: pricing vendors; asset managers; and, custodian banks.

PMplus® is easy to install and is accessed via a secure cloud-based hosted network. While the system provides a highly efficient portfolio management and reporting solution, security and privacy are fully integrated into core of the application, including anonymization of member data at user-level where required.

In brief, PMplus® covers: Portfolio valuation; Portfolio consolidation; Order management across Multi Assets Classes; Cash flow projection / Financial Planning; Multi-custodian management and reconciliations; Corporate actions; Performance Measurement; Integrated General Ledger; Tax handling with ‘average’, FIFO and ‘lot accounting’ options; Compliance limits and reporting; Multi Country, Multi Language; and, Fully configurable user-access parameters.

Portfolios can be reconfigured and revalued on a real-time basis, providing immediate and accurate answers to client’s questions. Performance Measurement offering index/comparative attribution enables identification of underperforming assets/asset-classes across the client’s entire portfolio. Consolidated reporting provides standardized statements for the family/members, regardless of the underlying custodian’s format and classification.

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