AIAM strives to champion best industry practices, professionalism and integrity of IAMs in Singapore. Supported by active members, AIAM equips IAM practitioners with business support, training development and networking to operate competently and thrive in today’s fast changing wealth management landscape.

What We Offer

  1. Industry networking sessions to exchange ideas amongst professionals
  2. Compliance and regulatory updates, discussions, tools and resources
  3. Insights on new market practices and regulatory guidelines
  4. Member exclusive updates and offers
  5. Network of active IAMs and quality service providers in Singapore
operate competently
and thrive in today’s
fast changing wealth management landscape

Ordinary membership

The Ordinary Membership is available to companies where the provision of Independent Asset Management is the core business activity. AIAM only accepts active members who have sufficient qualifications in the field, a good reputation and have extensive expertise and capability in delivering world-class wealth management services to clients who qualify as an Accredited Investor. At $2,000 per annum, benefits include:
  1. Business Support Centre, including legal and compliance
  2. Key dialogues with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
  3. Access to a wide range of quality service providers
  4. Training programmes with CPD credits
  5. Networking and exchange with industry peers

associate membership

The Associate Membership is open to companies that may not meet the criteria for active ordinary membership but share the vision, values and ethics of IAMs. These businesses complement or support ordinary members’. The Associate Membership is suitable for companies interested in the profession and work of IAMs.

At $5,000 per annum, benefits include

  1. The opportunity to appear as a speaker at AIAM events
  2. Invitation to selected AIAM events
  3. Access to the “member’s area” of the AIAM website
  4. Opportunities for event sponsorships

AIAM does not assist and advise on any parties who wish to set up their operation or distribute their products. Any promotion of products and services are strictly conducted at the members’ level and not through AIAM. Associate members are welcomed to attend the AGM but only Ordinary Members have voting rights.

If your company is a member of AIAM, you can create an account with your professional email address and enjoy membership benefits. Check members directory here.